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From Tiff , who found this Akita or Akita mix:

I came across your website of your beautiful beautiful dog, Kodi Bear 
after looking up "Brindle Akita" we bought (what we thought) was a 
siberian husky x alaskan malamute about 6 weeks ago now, advertised 
as a huskamute, although he didnt look like one!! we posted some 
photos of him on dog forum and everyone said he looked like a brindle 
akita - thats when i came across your page! i hope you dont mind me 
contacting you, but my dogs names Koda Bear - named from brother bear 
and he looks very similar to your darling - and i found it so strange 
their names are so very close!!!  i will attach a photo of him for 
you to see - he is 12 weeks old now and he truly is one in a million, 
i would be very lucky if he turns out anywhere as beautiful as your 
kodi bear -- may she rest in peace.

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