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Mr. Peterson is a very special cat
A stray kitten

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Mr. P and Max,

Justin's cat
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Mo also created a Mr. Peterhouse
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Mo creates the first Mr. Peterchair
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Mr. Peterson is attacked by a Tauntaun.
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Special Cat

My autistic kitty.
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Monitor Cat
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Haley makes a chair,

take one
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Haley makes a chair,

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Mr. Peterballoon

My cat gets excited by a balloon.
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New Friends
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Mr. Petershelf

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Better Friends

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Mr. P vacationing
with JD while Dave is in Europe [2011-02-05]
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How To Train My Mr. Peterson
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New Spot

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On The Bus

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A few days after Mr. P
came into my life. (The white 'beard' is Kitten Milk Replacement) ( comments)
Mr. Peterson was in love
with the moths when she was younger, so I would take her outside and hold her up to attack them on the porch light. It was one of the few times she would let anyone hold her when she was a kitten. ( comments)
Mr. Peter-spin
My cat does crack.
She has this wire toy that she likes to play with.
If you won't play with her, she'll do it herself. She holds the wire down with one of her back feet, then she starts turning. The wire, of course, starts to turn, so she chases it until she gets dizzy.
She does this all the time.
No, really, I'm not kidding. [2001/11/6?] [Video, 271k] ( comments)
Mr. Peterson helping me sell old Macs on ebay [2001/06/03] ( comments)
I found a windowbed for Mr. P, but she wouldn't go near it for months. One day I decided to give it up and remove it, and she hasn't left the bed since. [2002/08/22] ( comments)
Window-bed sleeping
[2004/04/13] ( comments)
Watching from up high
[2001/08/19] ( comments)
Mr. P mugs the camera
[2001/08/19] ( comments)
Mr. P gets down. [movie]
She loves her cat dancer toy. [Video, 182k] ( comments)
She entertains herself [movie]
for hours with Mr Wire Toy. [Video, 1M] ( comments)
And then I entertain myself. [movie]
[Video, 333k] ( comments)
Photo of Mr. P
on my Siemens S55 camera/phone ( comments)
Mr. P curls up in bed.
[2004/01/26] ( comments)
I mentioned that my ..was special. [movie]
Here she is fascinated by a paper bag [dark] [Video, 407k] ( comments)
Mr P. devilishly
looks down from her favorite perch atop the computer monitor [2004/12/07] ( comments)
Dave and Mr P.
[2005-04-12] ( comments)
Romeo moves to SF
and brings his dogs Maggie and LeeLee ( comments)
And Mr. P
decides that Maggie isn't horrible ( comments)
Mr. Peterson heard crows outside
and she started to imitate it! She was making noises I had never heard before, and they sounded just like the crows. It was like she was a hunter possessed. [3gp Video, 1M] [Video, 961k] ( comments)
Haley, big pants, and a cat.
( comments)
My awesome friend Luke
who is an artist and troublemaker, made this incredible drawing of Mr. Peterson as a surprise gift for me. ( comments)
Mr. Peterson in my new "hand chair"
[2008-08-18] ( comments)
More Mr. P and Mr. Wire Toy.
[Video, 1.7M] ( comments)
Mr. P chillin in Zurich
[2010-11-10] ( comments)
Mr. P's big eyes
[2012/06 Barcelona] ( comments)
Mr. P sleeping on the bus
[2012-12-18] ( comments)
Mr. P,
showing her travelling panache. [Video 2013-06] ( comments)
Mr. P
[Alison] [2014-01] ( comments)
Mr. P
[Alison] [2014-01] ( comments)
[2014-03-18] ( comments)
Cat warble on awake sound
[2014-04] [Video, 20.9M] ( comments)
Mr. P as captured by Arielle
[2014-04] ( comments)
Mr. P's laser eyes
captured by Arielle again ( comments)
More Mr. P
[Arielle] ( comments)
More Mr. P
[Arielle] ( comments)
Arielle and P
( comments)
Mr. Peterson
the world traveller [Video] ( comments)
Facebook notices Mr. P's 18th birthday
( comments)
Mr. P's hypnotic eyes
( comments)
Goodbye my sweet mookie
[2014/12/11] ( comments)
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