Album: 2003-02-16 San Diego

     Album:Animals:Kodi:2003-02-16 San Diego

Kodi and Mr. P came with me on an emergency escape to San Diego.

I don't think they liked the trip very much - but I didn't know when I'd be back home, so I figured it was better to take them with...

When I stopped at rest stops,
Kodi watched my every move from the rental car ( comments)
but when we finally got there
she settled in pretty well ( comments)
I guess it was a good idea
for me to bring her stuffed cow. ( comments)

I stayed at my friend Mel's house.

She has a small two-bedroom apartment on the Ocean, and she has four cats and a dog. With Kodi Bear and Kodi's cat it became pretty crowded.

The best part was that, even though two of Mel's cats are butch, outdoor tough tomcats, my little Mr. Peterson (at 8 pounds) kept them holed up in Mel's bedroom. Mr. P would sit in the living room all day and watch the bedroom door, and when one of them would peer out, she'd have a hissy fit, and they'd retreat back into the bedroom rather than deal with the anti-social cat. Silly Mr. P.

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