Album: Cinder


Cinder was a wonderful and fat cat who spent many years with me.

He has his own page

Cinder The Hut
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Cinder would wake me up
by sitting by my head and meowing in perfect 4-4 time. He would get stuck on loop, I guess. He would also put his paw on my head and pet it in perfect time as well. My cat was a metronome. [Video, 1.8M] ( comments)
Cinder and Kodi in the early days
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Cinder and Kodi, posing
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Cinder sometimes thought he was a dog
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Cat in a box
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Cinder the Hut
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Checking out the new house!
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Cinder would play fight
with Kodi all the time. This is play fighting. It does, however, look like Cinder is inflating Kodi bear. ( comments)
..But they were great friends
from the beginning ( comments)
Mr. Peterson moves in,
this does not go well at first. ( comments)
..But eventually they become friends.
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