Album: Cinder


Cinder was a wonderful and fat cat who spent many years with me.

He has his own page

Cinder The Hut
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Cinder would wake me up
by sitting by my head and meowing in perfect 4-4 time. He would get stuck on loop, I guess. He would also put his paw on my head and pet it in perfect time as well. My cat was a metronome. [Video, 1.8M] ( comments)
Cinder and Kodi in the early days
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Cinder and Kodi, posing
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Cinder sometimes thought he was a dog
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Cat in a box
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Cinder the Hut
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Checking out the new house!
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Cinder would play fight
with Kodi all the time. This is play fighting. It does, however, look like Cinder is inflating Kodi bear. ( comments)
..But they were great friends
from the beginning ( comments)
Mr. Peterson moves in,
this does not go well at first. ( comments)
..But eventually they become friends.
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Mr. Peterson was in love
with the moths when she was younger, so I would take her outside and hold her up to attack them on the porch light. It was one of the few times she would let anyone hold her when she was a kitten. ( comments)
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