Album: 2007-06-28 New-Work-Friend

     Album:Animals:Amoebae:2007-06-28 New Work Friend

Haley went to Europe for a couple months, and Amoebae started to decide that maybe I wasn't such a bad guy after all.
Haley tends to sit
on the couch with her computer and pet Amoebae ( comments)
And one day Amoebae got confused
and forgot that I wasn't Haley. ( comments)
And then she decided..
( comments) join me at the main computer HQ.
( comments)
watching, watching
She's happier around me, these days.
( comments)
But she's
still wary of me, ( comments)
Though comfortable.
( comments)
Lounging Amoebae
( comments)
And Mr. P
has her own spot to lounge in. ( comments)
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