Album: 07-02 Charlies Bday Talent Show

     Album:2023:07-02 Charlies Bday Talent Show

Charlie's 39th birthday came up and she decided to ask/make/inspire all of her friends to come and do a talent show. My job, of course, was to emcee the show, which had some interruptions at the beginning.
10s Chapter One David Stellar Emcee, with magical podium and invisible microphone
8m10s Chapter Two Jana Banana Warmup
17m10s Chapter Three Vanessa Spoken Word
30m45s Chapter Four Jesse Jean Singing "Song"
39m20s Chapter Five Jana Banana and Charlie Stellar Dance Installation
50m08s Chapter Six Brother Jesse "One Hand in My Pocket" (Alanis)
<not recorded> Chapter Seven Jade Original Song
1h06m50s Chapter Eight Jesse then Jesse/Jessie then Jesse/Jessie/Charlie "Yellow" (Coldplay)
1h22m01s Chapter Nine Brian Belknap "My Dear Marie"
1h31m20s Chapter Ten Jana Banana Banana Dance Party
1h37m24s Chapter Eleven Charlie Stellar "I Know You're The One"
1h42m22s Chapter Twelve Charlie Stellar Grandfather Issues
1h46m00s Chapter Thirteen Charlie Stellar "Get High Down"
1h50m23s Chapter Fourteen Charlie Stellar "Don't Take Me Yet"
1h55m29s Chapter Fifteen The Charlie Stellar Family Band "What's Up?" (4 Non Blondes)
The whole talent show
[Video, 6.3G] ( comments)
The Raspberry Pie
(there were actually 4 our 5 of them this year) [Video, 80.4M] ( comments)
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