Album: 06-25 Indigo Girls Stern Grove

     Album:2023:06-25 Indigo Girls Stern Grove

Indigo Girls for a free concert in Stern Grove. Hell yes.
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I went up to see Ted,
who happened to be sitting like 30 feet above us ( comments)
Charlie and Timmy down below
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Timmy wanted to do gymnastics
[Video, 29.4M] ( comments)
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Spinning Timmy
[Video, 38.2M] ( comments)
Fuzzy Indigo Girls
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Far away Indigo Girls
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And then everyone but Amy Ray
left the stage, and I realized she was going to play my favorite absolute heartbreak of a song. [Video, 23.8M] ( comments)
Timmy needs a break.
[Video, 25.4M] ( comments)
Timmy needed some down time
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[Video, 40.8M] ( comments)
My other favorite song,
sadly fuzzed out [Video, 19.6M] ( comments)
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