Album: 06-03 Charlies Art Show

     Album:2023:06-03 Charlies Art Show

Charlie is part of a fascinating art show that was brought together by a collage artist Crystal and funded by the SF Arts Commission.
A collage artist selected four Queer dancers and asked them what their version of Utopia was, then made a 3D collage representing that, then took a photo of the collage and projected it on the dancers who performed works that embodied their personal utopia. Charlie filmed these works and edited them into four separate dance films which then went into a screen that was embedied in the collages, and finally viewers could come in and watch the collages with the dance performances in the gallery, and then also see a live performance of the dances.

At the very end was a big dance party with a projection in the background, and we made a dance video for one of Jesse's friends, with myself as the cameraman.

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