Album: 04-01 Pagan Bunny Burn

     Album:2023:04-01 Pagan Bunny Burn

We were supposed to go to Pagan Bunny Burn and be a part of Haley + Allen's Galactic Bunny Battle theme camp, but the whole house got sick and our plans got skedaddled. Finally on Saturday (the last day), I took the little man in the car and we went up for what was supposed to be a three hour tour. It turns out that the gate was closing, literally the minute we got there, and there was no way to leave until the next day. I felt like a newbie burnie showing up at Black Rock City with a bottle of water and nothing else. We figured it out.
Alder and Timmy
go for a wagon ride. ( comments)
Unnecessarily High Fives
( comments)
Too high!
So daddy helps [Video, 39.8M] ( comments)
Trying so hard
[Video, 38.5M] ( comments)
Timmy decides to use tools
to accomplish High Fives ( comments)
( comments)
Timmy at the river
( comments)
An amazing cloud,
the bunny, a beautiful boy. ( comments)
The lightsaber battle begins!
[Video, 28.7M] ( comments)
Haley and Allen's bi.. a lightsaber battle
[Video, 13.7M] ( comments)
The battle
( comments)
Good times at the burn.
( comments)
Timmy gets a shield
( comments)
The burn begins
( comments)
..and grows
( comments)
..and grows
( comments)
Watching the fire
with my little bunny ( comments)
Haley! [Video, 29.1M] ( comments)
We find a photo booth
( comments)
Trying to take a low exposure
photo of an amazing moon and cloud and sky ( comments)
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