Album: 03-17 Lighthouse Werewolf

     Album:2023:03-17 Lighthouse Werewolf

I go to the "Lighthouse WW Con" that is in Pescadero.
Playing a late game
in the center room ( comments)
First late night crowd,
7:04am ( comments)
The lighthouse
( comments)
A really great rocky cove
down on the beach ( comments)
With a mini-cave
( comments)
..where I uncover
a haven for little crabs. [Video, 23M] ( comments)
Mirth does magic
( comments)
Another late night
in the center ( comments)
And then birthdays!
( comments)
Awards ceremony
( comments)
Where I am surprised and honored
to win "Unreadable" and Kate wins "Resting Suss Face" ( comments)
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