Album: 02-28 Hawaii Kauai

     Album:2023:02-28 Hawaii Kauai

Then the Stellar family ventured off by themselves to Kauai, which was amazing and beautiful, but the beaches weren't really that easy with a toddler during the off season, so it took some searching to figure out the best places to relax. We do manage to find a babysitter and that helps Charlie and I to get some alone time.
We take a plantation train,
( comments)
..which rocks Timmy's world.
[Video, 36M] ( comments)
Old tracks
( comments)
First stop,
animal feeding! ( comments)
And then we feed animals.
[Video, 42.1M] ( comments)
Timmy rides the rails
[Video, 29.4M] ( comments)
He's an old hand
at the tracks ( comments)
A hot tub at the resort.
Hallelujah ( comments)
Walking around the resort pools.
( comments)
Playing in the sand
( comments)
Timmy the Excavator
[Video, 99.8M] ( comments)
Timmy explores the sand
[Video, 61.4M] ( comments)
Walking on the beach,
the water attacks! [Video, 9.5M] ( comments)
Timmy runs on the windy beach
[Video, 109.7M] ( comments)
We take a private plan ride..
( comments)
..over the island
( comments)
I'm basically a pilot.
( comments)
[Video, 18M] ( comments)
Over the island
( comments)
The coast is amazing
and rough. ( comments)
Many waterfalls
inside the canyon ( comments)
( comments)
Our pilot
( comments)
A beach,
if you can get to it. ( comments)
Amazing cascade of waterfalls
( comments)
Waterfalls just hanging out
by the side of the road. ( comments)
We hike to the entrance of
Makauwahi Cave ( comments)
Amazing cave to a hidden paradise.
[Video, 15.1M] ( comments)
It's fantastic.
( comments)
And has another cave inside.
( comments)
A pano of the interior.
( comments)
Charlie at the beach
( comments)
And we find turtles...
tortoises...? ( comments)
Ancient dinosaur tanks
[Video, 29.6M] ( comments)
I invent the combination
of Kamikaze Fries and Poke. Two amazing things that make... one amazing thing. Okay, maybe I didn't think this through. ( comments)
Timmy pushes daddy in
the pool [Video, 44.8M] ( comments)
Mommy and Timmy jump in
( comments)
( comments)
On a hike
we meet a little baby boar ( comments)
Checking out waterfalls
on a very muddy hike. ( comments)
( comments)
Adorable seals
( comments)
We go to Poipu beach,
which we should have spent the whole week at. ( comments)
My lady
practices her Ukulele ( comments)
Evidently I ripped the s**t
out of my leg ( comments)
Underwater exploring
[Video, 82.5M] ( comments)
Timmy wants to record a message.
[Video, 13.2M] ( comments)
Daddy and son,
warming up after the water. ( comments)
Exploring the fishies in the reef.
[Video, 137.9M] ( comments)
Timmy explores the beach
( comments)
Charlie on the water
( comments)
Running across a bouncy bridge!
In Hanapepe [Video, 57.3M] ( comments)
Looking up river
( comments)
Timmy and I hang out
in the morning ( comments)
We build sand castles,
so mommy can get some sleep ( comments)
Sunrise on the beach
at our resort ( comments)
pano 2023-03-04 07-00-33
( comments)
An angel in the sun
( comments)
He hangs on my back
( comments)
To enjoy the wind
( comments)
( comments)
Our incredible sand fortress
( comments)
Timmy on the beach
( comments)
Crushing the sand castle
[Video, 72.2M] ( comments)
Little sand crabs
were everywhere [Video, 25.5M] ( comments)
"tell me again please"
[Video, 91.5M] ( comments)
"He's coming to get you!"
Fearless wild chickens of Hawaii [Video, 43.8M] ( comments)
Maybe a little scared,
for good reason. [Video, 15.9M] ( comments)
We drive to Waimea canyon
( comments)
Walking up to Waimea canyon
[Video, 21.1M] ( comments)
Pretty amazing
( comments)
I love the rocks
( comments)
At George's suggestion,
we stop at Tiki Tacos ( comments)
"Ain't nobody here but us chickens"
[Video, 28.4M] ( comments)
Serious reads for the flight home
( comments)
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