Album: 02-08 Dwight Passes

     Album:2023:02-08 Dwight Passes

Charlie's wonderful stepdad Dwight passed away, and we went up to Port Angeles to say goodbye and be with family.

We also had a Talent Show, inspired by the new Rock 'n Rollers in the family

Family Cabaret
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Holding daddy's arm
on the flight. ( comments)
Someone decides to be cute.
( comments)
..and a monster!
( comments)
Timmy is brave enough
to try the scary juice maker [Video, 247.7M] ( comments)
And then brave enough
to not cover his ears! [Video, 79.3M] ( comments)
Water attacks!
Run, run, run for your lives! [Video, 36.8M] ( comments)
We go to the "hook"
( comments)
Timmy hiding.
( comments)
We go to the fire dep't,
and firefighters show us around! ( comments)
The flashing lights are mesmerizing
[Video, 31M] ( comments)
The firefighter
explains the ladder truck [Video, 52M] ( comments)
And we discover
how awesome the Port Angeles public pool is. ( comments)
It has a lazy river,
hot tub, climbing wall, rope swing, waterfalls.. ( comments)
Out of context,
this is just my crazy wife. In context, this is just my crazy wife. ( comments)
She's loony.
But we were playing Balderdash, and in honor of Dwight we implemented a new "Dwight Rule" where the judge gets to give an honorary point to the most ridiculous definition. ( comments)
Timmy's a firefighter!
( comments)
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