Album: 01-20 Justin and Dwight Visit

     Album:2023:01-20 Justin and Dwight Visit
At the airport,
Timmy is a helper ( comments)
Justin's wonderful Leeloo kittenboo
( comments)
We bend and modify
some chunk of metal.. ( comments)
To relocate Justin's oil filter
on his Unimog ( comments)
And we take the Unimog
on an adventure, heading up onto logging "roads." ( comments)
Until we can't.
( comments)
Walking up
to see if we can turn around ( comments)
Time to turn around.
( comments)
Climbing things for fun.
[Video, 12.7M] ( comments)
Just backing up
[Video, 50.7M] ( comments)
Like tree stumps.
( comments)
Justin checks his handiwork.
( comments)
Heading back to the main road..
I really wish video did a better job of showing how ridiculously pitched forwards and backwards this was. [Video, 58.9M] ( comments)
Then it's to Port Angeles,
where Timmy makes another friend at his favorite park / toddler singles hotspot ( comments)
Antique fire truck
at the fire dep't! ( comments)
As well as some
not-so-antique ( comments)
Timmy demonstrates
where the helmet goes. ( comments)
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( comments)
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