Album: 01-14 Sandbox VR

     Album:2023:01-14 Sandbox VR

Did SandboxVR Deadwood Valley with Josh, Eric, Nathan, Parthiv, Thomas. There were some technical difficulties, so we got a discount and 5 of us (sans Thomas) tried again with Star Trek. It's pretty much a big shoot 'em up. It's fun, the fact that you have moments where you have to physically interact with the other players in the room is slight, but clever. Having said that, it's not a huge win over just playing a similar game on a VR headset at home. The full body scanning is nice, but not really needed from a game play perspective.

Glad I tried it, but probably don't need to do it again unless it's real cheap, or if they actually make the games more than just a shoot 'em up. (Virtual escape room, anyone?)

Deadwood Valley results - mailed but with wrong videos

TEAM NAME Team Unicorn
MVP Thomas D.

TEAM SCORE            103,797
COMPLETION TIME       35:04.00
Thomas D.             18259
Eric Carter           11749

Star Trek Results
                  Targets      Phaser
                  Neutralized  Accuracy
1. Eric Carter       76          26%
2. David Stellar     85          32%     <- how did I get 2nd?  Eric is a cheater!!
3. Parthiv           34          33%
4. Nathan            36          27%
5. Joshua            57          22%

Deadwood Valley
They made us do a dance selfie [Video, 21.5M] ( comments)
Deadwoof Valley
Our little video promo [Video, 33.7M] ( comments)
Star Trek selfie
[Video, 42.9M] ( comments)
Star Trek promo
[Video, 52.6M] ( comments)
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