Album: 01-01 Exploratorium

     Album:2023:01-01 Exploratorium

For New Years I take the little man to the Exploratorium
In front of the Cloud Chamber
from Lawrence Berkeley, this is what his Grandpa Don used to work with at Fermilab ( comments)
Cloud Chamber
( comments)
Playing with floating objects
was a big fun [Video, 19.4M] ( comments)
More floaty
[Video, 17.3M] ( comments)
Use the force
( comments)
And rolling balls
was the other best-part-of-the-day, though he always wanted it right back. [Video, 19.1M] ( comments)
Playing on the light up dance floor
(he wasn't generally heavy enough to trigger light changes) [Video, 12.6M] ( comments)
Although pigeon chasing
was also a popular activity [Video, 32.2M] ( comments)
Super dominos!
[Video, 14.7M] ( comments)
Back to floating balls
[Video, 40.9M] ( comments)
..and spinning balls
( comments)
But then we found
massive floating ball! [Video, 13.4M] ( comments)
..Which I think he loved most of all
( comments)
It also made his hair
go crazy ( comments)
which he loved
( comments)
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