Album: 12-22 Xmas Truckee

     Album:2022:12-22 Xmas Truckee
Driving up,
Koguma is too cool ( comments)
We get to the house,
and have to unpack before parking, because our Xmas sleigh is loaded with presents ( comments)
Setting up the tree
( comments)
Timmy helps
with tree fluffing [Video, 38.9M] ( comments)
Charlie Xmas rocks on the guitar
that Jesse borrowed for her [Video, 93.5M] ( comments)
Animals get cozy
( comments)
Timmy wants to start a fire
[Video, 44.1M] ( comments)
Timmy learns about fire
from mommy. ( comments)
Timmy actually know
who gets which presents, somehow. [Video, 103.9M] ( comments)
Snow day!
[Video, 19.6M] ( comments)
Back to work!
Timmy is an expert shoveler. ( comments)
Digging daddy a walkway!
So hard. [Video, 54.8M] ( comments)
Our sledding run,
under construction [Video, 36.1M] ( comments)
National Hansel Ave Bobsled Conference
Timmy, Mommy, and Koguma [Video, 55.2M] ( comments)
Opening one present .. day before Xmas eve
( comments)
Too much love
[Video, 17.5M] ( comments)
Working on my vegan Twax! candy bars
(A twix knockoff) ( comments)
Heavy use of white chocolate now
( comments)
Two-tone Twax
is my new favorite tasty ( comments)
Still working on spreading
the dark chocolate properly ( comments)
Finished product!
Beautiful! ( comments)
Must eat.. must eat..
( comments)
Daddy made some stairs
so Timmy could make it up the ice hill [Video, 117.4M] ( comments)
An odd snowmonster appears
( comments)
A tale of two tunnels
[Video, 43.4M] ( comments)
Another snowmonster appears,
from a dark snow cave ( comments)
Slow motion jump
with Uncle Jesse [Video, 25.8M] ( comments)
Timmy's ready to go solo
[Video, 24M] ( comments)
Jumping with Jesse
[Video, 25.4M] ( comments)
Darryl comes over for dinner
( comments)
Fully dressed tree!
( comments)
Xmas morning!
( comments)
Opening present from Jesse
[Video, 36.1M] ( comments)
Uncle Jesse has presents
( comments)
Koguma gets a present
[Video, 91.1M] ( comments)
Kitten gets fish!
( comments)
Big present from the Illinois GPs
( comments)
Timmy likes the present so much
it's hard to convince him to open more [Video, 27.2M] ( comments)
And an excavator!
( comments)
Much of the presents
for the beasts is food related ( comments)
Piano time!
[Video, 33.8M] ( comments)
Big excavator!
( comments)
Kitten toy
( comments)
We get Jesse an engraver
( comments)
Exhausted kitten
( comments)
Charlie's present.
It's a puzzle [Video, 75.8M] ( comments)
My gift (certificate) to Charlie
was a recording gig, in honor of the previous xmas cert which bought her her first guitar ( comments)
Back of the certificate
( comments)
The gift certificate
was hidden inside a CD case with this cover ( comments)
Jesse helps Timmy
figure out how to assemble his new "build-a-truck" toys ( comments)
And now he's an expert
( comments)
We invent Haiku-Dixit
[Video, 33.8M] ( comments)
Another run of Haiku-Dixit
[Video, 30.4M] ( comments)
The votes are out,
Charlie gets some points [Video, 20M] ( comments)
Another Hai-clue
[Video, 33M] ( comments)
Winner is Dave!
[Video, 31.7M] ( comments)
Another Hai-clue.
And Jesse wins! [Video, 66.9M] ( comments)
Reading the instructions
( comments)
Jesse's Haiclue
[Video, 25.6M] ( comments)
Charlie and timmy wins
[Video, 52.8M] ( comments)
Marble run!
(this became more of a present for Charlie than anyone else..) ( comments)
Marble run
[Video, 36.5M] ( comments)
Kittenboo wants to go sledding
( comments)
Getting ready for snow!
( comments)
Little man,
big trees ( comments)
We start building a cave
that eventually meets Jesse's cave behind the tree ( comments)
Working on skis!
( comments)
Sled time!
( comments)
Sled time,
by the lake ( comments)
And daddy couldn't resist
these construction utensils and plate ( comments)
Snowmonster is almost dissolved
into a weird alien thing. ( comments)
More backyard sledding
( comments)
With snow eating
( comments)
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[Video, 8.5M] ( comments)
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