Album: 12-10 Minnesota Gerry

     Album:2022:12-10 Minnesota Gerry

I go out to visit Gerry now that he's finished his move back to Alexandria
Javelin helping Gerry at the computer
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Javelin is a bit than his sister.
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Of course it's time for some Backgammon
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Javelin starts helping me work.
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We install Uncle Ken's
pot holding arms ( comments)
Javelin living up to his name.
Being named after the Ukrainian anti-tank missle [Video, 68.2M] ( comments)
And mom's curtain for the front door
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After being beaten so many times!
I whoop Gerry's butt with a 32x modifier! $8! ( comments)
Gerry's experiment
of leaving a bunch of salt on the windshield works great. We only did it on one side to do some A-B testing. I don't actually recommend salting your car, though. But it's a rental. ( comments)
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