Album: 11-24 XGiving

     Album:2022:11-24 XGiving

To Illinois for XGiving and Timmy's 3rd birthday!
Checking out the cockpit.
Unfortunately he freaks out at the possibility of sitting in the Captain's chair and misses his chance to "fly" a plane. Next time. ( comments)
Trying out his new trike
with gramps following. ( comments)
[Video, 21.8M] ( comments)
We go to Indiana
to Mike's amazing place, and Timmy gets to try out the boat. ( comments)
We find a boat
and put Timmy to work [Video, 20.8M] ( comments)
And he *must* know more
about the monster at the end of the lake. ( comments)
We bring Bouncy house!
[Video, 39.9M] ( comments)
Slo-mo bounce action!
[Video, 25.9M] ( comments)
Happy bouncer!
[Video, 44.6M] ( comments)
So happy
[Video, 54.9M] ( comments)
Slow motion monster attacks!
[Video, 63.8M] ( comments)
We burn stuff!
Mike has a huge amount of wood to get rid of. ( comments)
A good bonfire
( comments)
We go to a very lit up house
nearby. ( comments)
Uncle Mike gives Timmy
the book "Bark, George!" ( comments)
Which results in
an engrossing reading ( comments)
And a sound effects book
[Video, 68.6M] ( comments)
"Bark bark bark!"
causes giggles [Video, 47.2M] ( comments)
[Video, 63.2M] ( comments)
Sleeping in the car ride back
( comments)
Helping with the XMas lights
[Video, 32.3M] ( comments)
Running the lights with gramps and Charlie
( comments)
Taking the train..
( comments)
..with gramps
( comments)
Timmy's ready to pay
( comments)
Getting ready for the train
( comments)
Train time!
( comments)
Light brite wall
( comments)
Making ornaments
( comments)
Dinosaur attack!
( comments)
Dinosaur train time
( comments)
Gramps helps with the dinosaurs
( comments)
Someone is offered birthday ice cream..
( comments)
..and a birthday song.
[Video, 19M] ( comments)
Amazing train!
We go to the Museum of Science and Industry ( comments)
Timmy gets to drive a combine!
( comments)
Timmy milks a 'cow'
( comments)
Daddy and Timmy
on a trolley car in the museum ( comments)
Daddy, Timmy, Lego man
( comments)
Copying Lego Man
( comments)
Timmy is mesmerized
with a ball contraption ( comments)
..and we come back many times
to stare at it. ( comments)
Inside the U-Boat, Timmy is fearful of war
( comments)
We stop at a diner
( comments)
And get some cupcakes
( comments)
Birthday cupcake!
[Video, 86.7M] ( comments)
For a certain someone's birthday!
( comments)
Timmy already knows
how to blow out candles, much to our surprise [Video, 26.1M] ( comments)
[Video, 53.8M] ( comments)
Duplo birthday toys
( comments)
With gramps
( comments)
More Duplo!
( comments)
More presents!
[Video, 24.1M] ( comments)
Duplo and fire trucks.
Winner. ( comments)
( comments)
Then we go to Chuck E Cheese,
because that seems silly and ridiculous ( comments)
Chasing snowflakes on the floor
[Video, 22.5M] ( comments)
And we get unlimited games,
which is good, because Timmy is neither good at the games nor able to stay focused on one for long. ( comments)
Hammer game.
It's unclear what's happening, but hammering is fun. [Video, 27.8M] ( comments)
Except for the driving game,
which we do many times. Like father, like son. ( comments)
(..with mommy's help)
( comments)
Must drive more!
[Video, 65.3M] ( comments)
And of course,
the best food ever. Fries. ( comments)
Playing more with Duplo presents
[Video, 41.2M] ( comments)
The dinosaurs attack the Duplo situation
[Video, 39.7M] ( comments)
Learning pool in the morning
( comments)
Momma helps
( comments)
And finally he's ready
to go solo ( comments)
Books with Grandma Shasha.
Serious business. ( comments)
Flying home with owl!
( comments)
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