Album: 11-04 PNW Trip

     Album:2022:11-04 PNW Trip

Another trip up to the PNW, visiting Justin and the GPs
So windy!
On the ferry [Video, 31.4M] ( comments)
In the fire truck,
we get a fire call! Turn on the siren! [Video, 85.7M] ( comments)
Justin lets Timmy drive the fire truck,
accomplishing a massive life goal. Now he's driven a train, a bus, a fire truck... [Video, 105.6M] ( comments)
We pour some concrete
( comments)
To mount their "rocket ship"
( comments)
Justin and his new
"welcome ship" ( comments)
Taking Timmy to his favorite park
( comments)
( comments)
( comments)
Working on drawings
with Uncle Jessie ( comments)
Airports, particularly
( comments)
Keep those crayons sharp!
( comments)
A scissor lift
lifts the crane that's holding the helipad. ( comments)
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