Album: 09-29 New York Reunion

     Album:2022:09-29 New York Reunion

We do another family reunion for my mom's side, most of whom are East Coasters, so we meet at one of the family's houses on Lake Mahopac.
Waiting for the plane
( comments)
Timmy's an easy flyer,
thanks to screen obsession ( comments)
The big dinner setup.
( comments)
Stella and Sophie
from above ( comments)
They have amazing toys
and Timmy finally figures out steering. Kind of. [Video, 70.7M] ( comments)
Me and my little man
on the water ( comments)
Just talkin' bout guy stuff
( comments)
Walking down to the pier
( comments)
Sitting on the dock
( comments)
My big little love
( comments)
Until Timmy discovers a bell!
( comments)
Ring that bell!
[Video, 11.9M] ( comments)
The kids table,
fully loaded because all my 1.5 cousins started reproducing at the same time ( comments)
The previous kid's table.
( comments)
Timmy eating dinner
( comments)
Kim shows off the photo cake
( comments)
Too cool for reunions
( comments)
The family tree
( comments)
Practically unrecognizable,
I think this is my gramps old house back in Scarsdale ( comments)
And this is the cemetary
that was hidden under some trees. I didn't recall it being a full cemetary, just some gravestones under 3 pine trees (which have been taken out) ( comments)
And the cemetary actually has a name.
( comments)
We spend a night in NY
thanks to gracious hosts Paul&Maria, so we take the bus into Manhattan ( comments)
...And then the subway
( comments)
Back on the plane home!
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