Album: 08-22 Burning Man

     Album:2022:08-22 Burning Man

Ways to miss out at Burning Man:
  1. Be the Build Lead of PDA
  2. Be one of the Build Leads of the Bijou (which is too much work even by itself)
  3. Bring out a new art car
  4. Fall off the roof of the Bijou onto one of the ceiling joists, and break a rib
  5. Have whiteouts for the two afternoons at the end of the week where you are finally recovered enough to hit playa
Jokes on me.

Lesson learned.

Build Week
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20 images
Walking into the PDA..g it's opening night
[Video, 88.4M] ( comments)
Little man on playa!
( comments)
First visit,
Bijou (under construction) ( comments)
Finishing up the lobby
( comments)
Opening the Bijou!
( comments)
Lots of time was spent in ball pits
this year. ( comments)
With Odin and Alder
( comments)
Ball pit
is just about the best place in the world. [Video, 43M] ( comments)
He loved "yellow ball"
[Video, 101.3M] ( comments)
Not many places can you throw your child.
[Video, 53.6M] ( comments)
Timmy discovers jumping
off the ladder [Video, 17.2M] ( comments) becomes a thing
[Video, 32.3M] ( comments)
Little man and big man
( comments)
Timmy really liked the Bear sculpture
near the Man pavilion ( comments)
But the big hit
was the inflatable Honey Bears! ( comments)
Which were monster weeble wobbles.
[Video, 103.5M] ( comments)
...and Timmy's number one job
was to knock them over. [Video, 126.9M] ( comments)
And then the Honey Bears attack momma,
which is hysterical [Video, 98.3M] ( comments)
[Video, 15.3M] ( comments)
Timmy drives a train
for the first time ever! [Video, 83.3M] ( comments)
..he takes his driving job
very seriously. [Video, 47M] ( comments)
The Train,
being amazingly cute [photo J. Percy] ( comments)
Looking down at our beautiful signage.
(I believe I was on Justin's art car) ( comments)
Howling at the sunset
( comments)
Our neighborhood
( comments)
Ghostly blobs
( comments)
We get a ride
on Shit Howdy's amazing mushroom art car ( comments)
Timmy uses the force
to keep us out of the main tower for the big mushroom ( comments)
The portal fields
make sounds when you jump through the doors. [Video, 39.5M] ( comments)
We come across a fire truck
(a real one) and the firefighters let Timmy sit in the truck. ( comments)
Fire truck!
[Video, 25M] ( comments)
Timmy gets to squirt water
from the fire extinguisher. This looks like we're on a movie set! ( comments)
Love it!
( comments)
The Jacoby's make it to the burn!
( comments)
Choreographed spinny time
while the little one's play with The Claw [Video, 64.1M] ( comments)
Walking through Golden Guy Alley
[Video, 36.2M] ( comments)
Looking down at the top of the Alley
[Video, 33.8M] ( comments)
More Honey Bear!
"Honey Bear! Honey Bear! (whispers) honey bear" [Video, 73.8M] ( comments)
Center of the Temple
( comments)
Timmy at the Temple
( comments)
Family Temple photo
( comments)
( comments)
"Facing the Fearbeast" was amazing, *and*
I randomly drove up to it just as it was being finished and discovered that the lead artist pounding in the final spike was Lucas, from David+Circle up in Santa Rosa. ( comments)
Timmy loved it
( comments)
What's funny is that I also found it
by chance as art that needed help and I donated to it because I loved what it was, and then I found out it was run by Lucas. Talented guy. ( comments)
El Pulpo was back
( comments)
Timmy could watch it for hours
( comments)
The Man.
( comments)
The Man.
With moments left to live. ( comments)
Timmy and Charlie watching the burn.
( comments)
( comments)
Burning Yell!
( comments)
The burn pyre
( comments)
Thoughtful DaveOgre
( comments)
Josh's first year!
And we make heavy use of the blender bike ( comments)
Fireworks at the burn.
The first fireworks Timmy has seen. "Wow!" [Video, 146.5M] ( comments)
Looking through the heart glasses,
makes the fireworks pretty great. [Video, 36.9M] ( comments)
Boom boom.
[Video, 42.8M] ( comments)
I just miss the big fireball
[Video, 25.7M] ( comments)
The fire pit
[Video, 24.8M] ( comments)
This was a 3D set of drones,
way off in the distance, animating a looking eye. ( comments)
Drones blinking an eye.
Fantastic [Video, 76.2M] ( comments)
Drones going in for a landing
[Video, 36.8M] ( comments)
A packed Bijou
( comments)
An exhausted little boy
( comments)
Big crane!
( comments)
Timmy really liked these rings.
( comments)
The little train.
I finally get it out to the DMV for approval. ( comments)
Timmy found a lot of doors
( comments)
..on a daddy-Timmy adventure
( comments)
It was a big circle of doors,
and he kept running in and out of them. ( comments)
Timmy coming through a door
[Video, 11.8M] ( comments)
The Henderson's join us
for a train adventure ( comments)
Haley and Alder
climbing an edifice ( comments)
The Stellars
( comments)
Timmy climbs everything
at the Burn ( comments)
The Fear Beast
in the daytime ( comments)
Found in the porta potties.
Genius ( comments)
Found in the porta potties.
Genius ( comments)
Climbing on a big
precarious structure ( comments)
In a cozy dome net,
high up in the air ( comments)
The Temple on fire
( comments)
The Temple Pyre
( comments)
..burning down
( comments)
DaveOgre at the Temple
( comments)
Temple burning quietly
[Video, 49.3M] ( comments)
Post Temple burn Charlie
[Video, 57.6M] ( comments)
Another exhausted boy
( comments)
DaddyOgre and TimmyOgre
( comments)
My little Ogre
( comments)
Looking at the Bijou
( comments)
BRC from above
( comments)
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