Album: 08-08 Bijou Pre Build-2

     Album:2022:08-08 Bijou Pre Build-2

The Burning Man Bijou Theater has another pre-build in Sutfcliffe, and after the train disaster from the previous pre-build I head back out and do a bunch of work.
I convinced Sam to let me
setup a jig so we could cut all the lumber to set lengths. ( comments)
Sutcliffe is on the other side
of Pyramid Lake. ( comments)
It's actually pretty..nd remote and quiet.
( comments)
It gets damn hot.
So we setup a makeshift shade cover, Burning Man ad-hoc construction style ( comments)
Measure twice, cut many!
There's the pyramid
that I believe the lake is named after, looking through the storage yard from where we are holed up in some rented trailers. ( comments)
The sky is pretty gr..n the Nevada desert.
( comments)
Working late.
Since I built the jig, I did all the cutting of the dimensional lumber that went into the building. Many hundreds of pieces of wood. ( comments)
Showing off the cutting station.
It saved us massive amounts of time. [Video, 24.9M] ( comments)
Where I spent almost the whole week
( comments)
That is a heck of a sky
( comments)
All the massive amounts of wood.
[Video, 50.9M] ( comments)
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