Album: 07-25 Bijou Pre Build

     Album:2022:07-25 Bijou Pre Build

I travelled out to Sutcliffe, NV to help with Bijou pre-build for Burning Man, which was a huge amount of buying and moving massive amounts of lumber (think many metric tons). I also went to get the train, which turned out to be a "3-hour tour" which ended up lasting over a day disaster.
Loading old Bijou gear
into the "new" trailer ( comments)
Then picking up lumber
at Home Depot. Spending hours moving it into the delivery truck, then moving it into the trailer. Ugh. ( comments)
Then Sam discovers the "slide"
[Video, 74.2M] ( comments)
I go to pickup my train,
and it's stuck in it's previous owner's backyard, with a truck chassis in the way. ( comments)
The truck had no whe..uspension, anything.
So we dragged it the heck out of the way, but then the train couldn't drive over the deep gravel, so we had to yank that out. This part took all of a day. [Video, 25.9M] ( comments)
Filling up the train with gas.
( comments)
And then the flat tire.
The first flat tire. ( comments)
Finally after multiple attempts,
I give up and crash in a hotel.. ( comments)
..and call Pinnacle Trailers
the next day, who come pickup the train for me. ( comments)
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