Album: 03-04 Dwights-90th and PNW

     Album:2022:03-04 Dwights-90th and PNW

We head up to the PNW for Dwight's 90th birthday, and I stop off at Justin's house on the way up.
is pretty amazing
Justin and I
go for a cycle ride ( comments)
We start framing his downstairs
rooms. Since he's a perfectionist, it takes us 6 years to put up this one wall. ( comments)
Construction site Justin
wears socks. ( comments)
Erickson Park
in Port Angeles, ( comments)
..and Timmy loves it
( comments)
Big man helps me go shopping
( comments)
Back at Erickson Park!
( comments)
Timmy bags yet another older woman.
He likes cougars. ( comments)
Charlie enjoys the zip line
[Video, 27.4M] ( comments)
Timmy sees deer up close
for the first time ( comments)
Stalking deer
[Video, 45.5M] ( comments)
And it's back to the park!
( comments)
Timmy and Daddy
( comments)
Dwight's 90th!
( comments)
Dwight blows out the candles
( comments)
Timmy gets cake!
( comments)
Celebrating Dwight
( comments)
Timmy is a Mr. Potato Head
( comments)
Holy Shit!
90! ( comments)
Timmy tries sparkling water
and it's nutso! [Video, 68.2M] ( comments)
Singing to Dwight
[Video, 301.2M] ( comments)
Timmy starts headbanging
on Piano. Piano rocks! [Video, 9.1M] ( comments)
Heading home
( comments)
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