Album: 12-23 Cabin-Christmas-Snow-In

     Album:2021:12-23 Cabin-Christmas-Snow-In

We went up for Truckee for a few days for Christmas.

Or so we thought.

Truckee was hit with an unbelievable amount of snow - beating the record for snowfall from 50 years prior, and meaning that we couldn't actually get out. I managed to drive the trusty Camry (front wheel drive and a couple chains is all I need to drive around stuck 4-wheelers!) in to town a couple of times, so we managed to get food, and the cabin fortunately had loads of firewood thanks to Ron+Linda, which is good since we kept losing power/heat.

It was amazing. I kept clearing the driveway every day so it wouldn't get overtaken and impossible to clear. Finally the plow service managed to get out to us and cleared the driveway. Then I went out one morning and there was another foot of snow to clear because they hadn't made it out to us. It wasn't until I'd cleared half the driveway that I figured out that they had made it out to the cabin, but it'd snowed over a foot in a couple hours since they'd been there.

I didn't bring any ski gear, but managed to go up for a half day at the nearby mini-mountain. Turns out I had an amazing time because almost nobody was able to make it up there, and the good skiers had all gone to the big resorts, so I was literally the only one on the runs I took, over and over, plowing through a couple feet of powder.

And best of all, the little man really got to enjoy Christmas. And he also did his first Ollie, at only two years of age, which I still find mind-blowing. It was also the Christmas that Charlie got to start her new life dream of being a rock star.

We finally managed to leave after being stuck till the next year, which was amazing and worth it.

Christmas morning!
Look at that face! [Video, 40.6M] ( comments)
Putting ornaments on our tree
( comments)
..which we have decided
to move up to the Truckee cabin and leave there ( comments)
Testing out the presents...
( comments)
Timmy gets a stocking stuffer,
"Dolly" ( comments)
Koguma's stocking treat,
which is still survived, 4 months later ( comments)
Kitten thinks he's got a present here.
( comments)
One of Timmy's big presents!
His first actual skateboard! (He's "made" lots of skateboards out of things, and has little finger skateboards, but this is the real deal!) ( comments)
First need to learn how to stand on it.
( comments)
Actually kids, remem..ed to wear a helmet!
( comments)
Jessica got him this singing elephant,
which he was a bit wary of at first. ( comments)
But he warmed up
[Video, 30.8M] ( comments)
Next present.
Koguma hopes that it just might be for him. ( comments)
Opening presents
is mostly complicated paper removal [Video, 207M] ( comments)
He was actually far more excited about it than this photo shows. ( comments)
Last present!
( comments)
Whoa... Buttons!
( comments)
A multi-year present for our little DJ.
Something he can play notes on now, but can make actual music on later - a groovebox. ( comments)
So many lights! [Video, 49.6M]
[Video, 49.6M] ( comments)
We needed to set it .. play notes for him.
[Video, 76.9M] ( comments)
DJ Ultimus
( comments)
His first time on the board,
and he's popping it like crazy! He has a helmet on. But no shoes. So we're 50% bad parents. [Video, 109.4M] ( comments)
This is his favorite trick, for some time.
[Video, 122.2M] ( comments)
First it's Mr No-No pants.
And then, my genius son, actually does an Ollie, after being on a board for 15 minutes. [Video, 111.5M] ( comments)
He's obsessed.
[Video, 96.5M] ( comments)
He perfects this dismount,
and makes his first skate video. [Video, 16.5M] ( comments)
Ground slide!
[Video, 115M] ( comments)
Skateboard practice time
( comments)
First thing - learn how to grind,
while not moving. ( comments)
Koguma in the piles of snow.
It's hard to direct him from the streets, since it's not clear where the streets are. [Video, 44.2M] ( comments)
Time for snow!
( comments)
There was so much snow,
this train got stuck here for quite some time. ( comments)
Block time!
( comments)
Windows and doors
are super fascinating. ( comments)
Heading out for a drive
during a break in the snow ( comments)
One of his favorite games!
Tackle Time! [Video, 39.5M] ( comments)
I head out skiing
in the blizzard. ( comments)
Skiing for half a day,
I return to my car in the parking lot like this (after clearing half the windshield) ( comments)
Driving back from the resort.
This is what it actually loked like, it's not just because the camera sucked. [Video, 35.2M] ( comments)
This is the snow on the back porch.
Thanks to parallax, you can't tell it's actually as high as the door. ( comments)
Timmy's first sugar treat.
[Video, 181.2M] ( comments)
First cinnamon bun!
( comments)
Working on skateboard tricks,
with ultimate safety gear 6000 ( comments)
That's a lot of snow on your roof, there.
( comments)
Koguma back in the piles of snow.
[Video, 34M] ( comments)
Timmy shovels the hallway
[Video, 60.1M] ( comments)
The plows come through,
and we go play in the street. ( comments)
I try to film our sledding
down the street, but my phone literally keeps freezing up and shutting down. [Video, 5M] ( comments)
Playing with the beasts,
with their stocking presents [Video, 63.6M] ( comments)
Holy cow, that's a monster plow.
( comments)
The road, massively bigger and cleared.
( comments)
The best photo I've ever taken.
And yet I now can't find the original, only this one I posted to Facebook. ( comments)
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