Album: 12-23 Cabin-Christmas-Snow-In

     Album:2021:12-23 Cabin-Christmas-Snow-In

We went up for Truckee for a few days for Christmas.

Or so we thought.

Truckee was hit with an unbelievable amount of snow - beating the record for snowfall from 50 years prior, and meaning that we couldn't actually get out. I managed to drive the trusty Camry (front wheel drive and a couple chains is all I need to drive around stuck 4-wheelers!) in to town a couple of times, so we managed to get food, and the cabin fortunately had loads of firewood thanks to Ron+Linda, which is good since we kept losing power/heat.

It was amazing. I kept clearing the driveway every day so it wouldn't get overtaken and impossible to clear. Finally the plow service managed to get out to us and cleared the driveway. Then I went out one morning and there was another foot of snow to clear because they hadn't made it out to us. It wasn't until I'd cleared half the driveway that I figured out that they had made it out to the cabin, but it'd snowed over a foot in a couple hours since they'd been there.

I didn't bring any ski gear, but managed to go up for a half day at the nearby mini-mountain. Turns out I had an amazing time because almost nobody was able to make it up there, and the good skiers had all gone to the big resorts, so I was literally the only one on the runs I took, over and over, plowing through a couple feet of powder.

And best of all, the little man really got to enjoy Christmas. And he also did his first Ollie, at only two years of age, which I still find mind-blowing. It was also the Christmas that Charlie got to start her new life dream of being a rock star.

We finally managed to leave after being stuck till the next year, which was amazing and worth it.

The gift certificate
for my wife's main present, starting her hard rockin' career. ( comments)
Putting ornaments on our tree
( comments)
Testing out the presents...
( comments)
..which we have decided
to move up to the Truckee cabin and leave there ( comments)
Timmy gets a stocking stuffer,
"Dolly" ( comments)
Koguma's stocking treat,
which is still survived, 4 months later ( comments)
Kitten thinks he's got a present here.
( comments)
One of Timmy's big presents!
His first actual skateboard! (He's "made" lots of skateboards out of things, and has little finger skateboards, but this is the real deal!) ( comments)
First need to learn how to stand on it.
( comments)
Actually kids, remem..ed to wear a helmet!
( comments)
Next present.
Koguma hopes that it just might be for him. ( comments)
He was actually far more excited about it than this photo shows. ( comments)
Last present!
( comments)
Whoa... Buttons!
( comments)
A multi-year present for our little DJ.
Something he can play notes on now, but can make actual music on later - a groovebox. ( comments)
DJ Ultimus
( comments)
Skateboard practice time
( comments)
First thing - learn how to grind,
while not moving. ( comments)
Time for snow!
( comments)
There was so much snow,
this train got stuck here for quite some time. ( comments)
Christmas morning!
Look at that face! [Video, 40.6M] ( comments)
Jessica got him this singing elephant,
which he was a bit wary of at first. ( comments)
But he warmed up
[Video, 30.8M] ( comments)
Opening presents
is mostly complicated paper removal [Video, 207M] ( comments)
So many lights!
[Video, 49.6M] ( comments)
We needed to set it up
to just play notes for him. [Video, 76.9M] ( comments)
His first time on the board,
and he's popping it like crazy! He has a helmet on. But no shoes. So we're 50% bad parents. [Video, 109.4M] ( comments)
This is his favorite trick, for some time.
[Video, 122.2M] ( comments)
First it's Mr No-No pants.
And then, my genius son, actually does an Ollie, after being on a board for 15 minutes. [Video, 111.5M] ( comments)
He's obsessed.
[Video, 96.5M] ( comments)
He perfects this dismount,
and makes his first skate video. [Video, 16.5M] ( comments)
Ground slide!
[Video, 115M] ( comments)
Koguma in the piles of snow.
It's hard to direct him from the streets, since it's not clear where the streets are. [Video, 44.2M] ( comments)
Block time!
( comments)
Windows and doors
are super fascinating. ( comments)
Heading out for a drive
during a break in the snow ( comments)
I head out skiing
in the blizzard. ( comments)
Skiing for half a day,
I return to my car in the parking lot like this (after clearing half the windshield) ( comments)
One of his favorite games!
Tackle Time! [Video, 39.5M] ( comments)
Driving back from the resort.
This is what it actually loked like, it's not just because the camera sucked. [Video, 35.2M] ( comments)
Timmy is amused
by daddy flipping into the snow [Video, 19.7M] ( comments)
This is the snow on the back porch.
Thanks to parallax, you can't tell it's actually as high as the door. ( comments)
First cinnamon bun!
( comments)
Warmth in the cabin.
( comments)
Timmy dancing hard!
[Video, 61M] ( comments)
Timmy's first sugar treat.
[Video, 181.2M] ( comments)
Koguma tries to help
clear the driveway [Video, 39.5M] ( comments)
Yet another foot or two
of snow to clear the driveway, every single day. [Video, 47.8M] ( comments)
Mama and Timmy
sled down the street. With zero concerns for oncoming cars. No vehicles can get up here. [Video, 57.3M] ( comments)
Timmy warms up to the elephant.
[Video, 14.2M] ( comments)
The middle of our sled run
( comments)
Timmy helps on the driveway
( comments)
vid 20211228 103453989
[Video, 14.9M] ( comments)
vid 20211228 103537858
[Video, 26.4M] ( comments)
The street finally gets cleared
( comments)
The best photo I've ever taken.
( comments)
He's too cute!
( comments)
Little man, walking covered streets.
( comments)
Working on skateboard tricks,
with ultimate safety gear 6000 ( comments)
That's a lot of snow on your roof, there.
( comments)
The plows come through,
and we go play in the street. ( comments)
Koguma back in the piles of snow.
[Video, 34M] ( comments)
Timmy shovels the hallway
[Video, 60.1M] ( comments)
I try to film our sledding
down the street, but my phone literally keeps freezing up and shutting down. [Video, 5M] ( comments)
Learning to ski!
( comments)
Mostly learning how to put up with skis
( comments)
Biggest challenges,
standing up and not walking. [Video, 77.1M] ( comments)
Preparing for his bobsled career,
he masters leaning backwards. [Video, 24.9M] ( comments)
We use the pull technique,
and get much further [Video, 32.2M] ( comments)
He starts to get it himself,
but gets really upset when he falls [Video, 17.6M] ( comments)
Charlie buys a guitar!
( comments)
Timmy learns to play,
with help from the cat [Video, 79M] ( comments)
Trying to ski again
( comments)
Second day on skis, Timmy is balancing!
[Video, 23.9M] ( comments)
I head up to go skiing again.
( comments)
Why in heaven's name,
are they making snow? ( comments)
This was after an epic crash,
where I had to spend a few minutes digging in many feet of powder to figure out where one of my skis had come off. ( comments)
Trying to record a run
down the hill, my phone keeps freezing up. [Video, 17.9M] ( comments)
Timmy becomes a drummer,
so he can join momma's band [Video, 14.5M] ( comments)
Charlie learning how to play guitar
[Video, 41.2M] ( comments)
Timmy's favorite snack
is snow ( comments)
( comments)
Holy cow, that's a monster plow.
( comments)
The road, massively bigger and cleared.
( comments)
Day 3 of skiing
[Video, 10.9M] ( comments)
Endless snow eating
[Video, 41.1M] ( comments)
Playing with the beasts,
with their stocking presents [Video, 63.6M] ( comments)
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