Album: 11-19 Grandparents-Triangle

     Album:2021:11-19 Grandparents-Triangle

It's Thanksgiving time, and we can travel again, so we make the triangle Grandparent's trip, with a visit to Justin again.
How old is this plane? Smoking was basically banned on flights in the US back in 1990. ( comments)
Visiting Justin.
He puts me to work, and we pull out a huge oak desk builtin to his house. ( comments)
Why does this need this many screws?? ( comments)
New kitten-boo!
Salsa ( comments)
Grandma teaches Timmy
the Uke ( comments)
We go to Country Aire market,
and.. ( comments)
..they have little shopping carts,
which Timmy thinks is the greatest thing in the world. [Video, 21.8M] ( comments)
It's time for Bananagrams.
And I rock out with "Quadrangle" ( comments)
Our pre-xgiving dinner
up North ( comments)
Timmy and Salsa,
eyeing the great outdoors ( comments)
Sitting down for dinner
( comments)
In Geneva, for Timmy's Bday,
he gets his first drum set! ( comments)
He is fascinated
( comments)
Timmy starts an aggr..k-up exercise regime
[Video, 57.8M] ( comments)
Timmy learning how to kick a ball,
and dribble! [Video, 52.2M] ( comments)
Timmy rocks so hard
he destroys his equipment while on stage [Video, 48.5M] ( comments)
Then it's time to be Momma's little cook
( comments)
The post XGiving meal walk
( comments)
Opening more birthday presents.
The packaging is more exciting at first then the inside [Video, 51M] ( comments)
I manage to get his bounce castle setup
for his birthday [Video, 24.7M] ( comments)
His eyes were so wide when he saw it.
This is his "jump and run" move. [Video, 35.2M] ( comments)
Wooden train time!
( comments)
That gets a hug [Video, 228.3M] ( comments)
Playing a game.
Poker or rook or something else, I don't know. Either way it's an amazing hand. ( comments)
Another hand.
I'm not really clear why this deserved a photo - I need to remember what frickin' game we were playing. ( comments)
A new circle running game
[Video, 29.5M] ( comments)
Timmy's Birthday dinner,
we go get sushi ( comments)
The family
( comments)
He got a balloon!
( comments)
Birthday song time!
[Video, 118.5M] ( comments)
And he got his first ever sweets,
ice cream! ( comments)
Blowing out the candles,
he somehow he knows what to do. [Video, 49.2M] ( comments)
And he's never going to live this down,
but.. he wouldn't touch the ice cream. [Video, 129.6M] ( comments)
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