Album: 08-31 Burning-Man

     Album:2021:08-31 Burning-Man

So Burning Man is cancelled again.

But we will not be deterred. With vaccines available, many people just go out to Playa anyways in a loosely arranged "Free Burn."

The BLM, in a slight panic, makes any art "installations" illegal and commercial deliveries also not allowed, so our plans to bring out PDA are stymied (though many ignore the rules and nothing seems to happen to them).

It turns out to be pretty great. Different from a normal burn, but far better than a Juplaya. We have a blast.

There was an online map where people could agree to self-place their camps, which didn't quite happen, though the center was actually mostly cleared. Our camp was placed near center (on the other side from usual), but that was not PDA's final location, because our PDA townies who got to burn first decided to camp out in the boonies, and everyone ended up joining them. We did that for one night then decided to be in the action, so we ended up right near the original spot, but on "Esplanade" just off to the side of the Black Rock Boutique.

Our way to the man was "exciting". We had an overheat problem on the bus that we knew had to be dealt with, and we needed a new A/C. So we went South to pickup an A/C and also to give the bus a test run. It was failing. So I spent a couple days trying to get the bus up to the burn little by little, when I managed to find a mechanic on the phone back in Sacramento (I was near Truckee) who knew what was wrong, so I brought it back down, and met up again with Charlie/Timmy and we made it to the burn!

Someone took a polaroid and gave it to us.
That's our bus in the background! ( comments)
Great YT video "Free Burn"
[Video, 253.2M] ( comments)
On the way to the burn,
at the campgrounds we find a basketball net [Video, 110.6M] ( comments)
Screenshot of the agreed upon burner map,
our 'X' is the circled one. But then our camp mates decide to camp out on the edge of town for some reason. We camp with them for one night. ( comments)
The final destination
for the rest of the PDA camp. Out in the middle of nowhere ( comments)
Our initial spot
in the boonies. [Video, 29.3M] ( comments)
We need to move our bus.
Doug helps. ( comments)
Doug helps tow our bus
to it's final camping spot. People think it's real. [Video, 9.5M] ( comments)
Someone sets up a dodgeball net, and it's amazing. ( comments)
Doug in the court
(borrowing my "fancy" formal BRC shirt) ( comments)
PDA finds an art car
and some of the dancers follow behind [Video, 38.6M] ( comments)
We discover FingerBang camp,
which is awesome, and they have a cheerleading outing they ask us to join. ( comments)
Charlie on Tractor's board.
We fit in courtesy our referee uniforms. ( comments)
That's a BLM ranger,
and he's not punishing those people for riding on their vehicle, he's joining them. For real. ( comments)
I find Bijou Sam in his camp
( comments)
Courtesy Pedro who s.. stopped in earlier.
( comments)
Fingerbang cheerleading time!
We met their camp, and everyone dresses up as a cheerleader and has a huge pep rally ( comments)
Me and the boy
( comments)
In the rally!
[photo Doug] ( comments)
We are at the back of the cheerleaders,
but eventually we catch up and I give some penalty cards [Video Doug, 18.1M] ( comments)
Timmy loves the DJs
and the music [Video, 29.4M] ( comments)
The playa at night.
Impressive [Video, 30.6M] ( comments)
My little ogre.
( comments)
I have my Ogre Coat,
and now my little man has one too. ( comments)
Looking at Yona's light dome
( comments)
Ogre family
( comments)
Also like his dad,
he loves the lights ( comments)
Our neighbors,
the awesome Black Rock Boutique, were actually open for business ( comments)
Our bus on the playa
( comments)
Our god child
( comments)
There was a temple this year
[photo Giffins] ( comments)
Looking down on the circle.
Why didn't I think to bring my drone this year?? ( comments)
Strollering back to the bus
on Esplanade ( comments)
Crawly shell car
[Video, 23.7M] ( comments)
Someone loves the playa
( comments)
Burning Man provides what you need.
In this case, Timmy needed a ball ( comments)
Timmy takes in the wonders of the playa
( comments)
Face covered with playa!
[Video, 14.4M] ( comments)
Timmy and momma
watch the sunset ( comments)
On burn night, our awesome neighbors
Fire Chicken and Surly take us out to the burn in their boatcar ( comments)
BLM would not allow
an actual man to be constructed and burned, so some drones came to the rescue... ( comments)
Drone swarm
[Video, 21.7M] ( comments)
The Giffin's video of the burn
[Video, 104.7M] ( comments)
The quiet Esplanade late at night
[Video, 18.9M] ( comments)
Back in the bus
( comments)
Satisfied burners, packing up
( comments)
We stop by the PDA Camp in the 'burbs.
Brad, Stellars, Sledge/Mike, Tractor/Laura, Ziptie/Michelle, Bootsy/Jeremy, Doug ( comments)
This little burner's
all tuckered out ( comments)
This little burner
is jacked up like a maniac. ( comments)
Back to civilization
( comments)
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