Album: 07-18 Parents-Visit

     Album:2021:07-18 Parents-Visit

The Ljung parentals come and visit SF, and we go to Fisherman's Wharf with Ron+Linda
Timmy's first Merry-Go-Round!
Over at Fisherman's Wharf ( comments)
Leaning back,
I look pregnant.. ( comments)
The Musee Mechanique is amazing,
and has a precursor to Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots. ( comments)
National Novelty Knock Out Fighters!
( comments)
Pole Position!
My first try I take 2nd place. ( comments)
Another version,
Silver Gloves (for sale... if only I had $5500 sitting around) ( comments)
Mom and pops
( comments)
Charlie is amused by the dancers
( comments)
Charlie gets some pinball action
( comments)
The wharf crew
( comments)
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