Album: 07-03 Charlies-Birthday-in-the-Trees

     Album:2021:07-03 Charlies-Birthday-in-the-Trees

Charlie's birthday, we go zipline in the trees!
Jesse joins us
( comments)
Power Charlie
( comments)
People can also stay overnight
in these treehouse things ( comments)
Ready to die!
Live! Die! Live! [Video, 33.5M] ( comments)
Our first zip
( comments)
Incoming Charlie!
( comments)
Demonstrating very small tree flex
multiplied by a very tall tree [Video, 37M] ( comments)
Perfect landing
[Video, 15.7M] ( comments)
Charlie on the long zipline
( comments)
( comments)
Charlie on a spiral ..rcase in the forest.
It doesn't get much better than that. ( comments)
"Oh wow!" [Video, 17.6M]
[Video, 17.6M] ( comments)
"One small step for man"
[Video, 54.9M] ( comments)
Crossing a rickety bridge
( comments)
Jesse on the zipline
( comments)
Down the final rope,
Jesse executes a flawlessly styled leg-out landing ( comments)
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