Album: 06-12 Helping-Uncle-Gerry

     Album:2021:06-12 Helping-Uncle-Gerry

My Uncle Gerry was losing his sight and hearing, so his house had kind of fallen apart and he needed some help to clean it all up and get it ready to sell so he could move out.

Favorite Nephew Dave to the rescue!

I went out for almost 2 weeks to deal with mail and clearing out the house.

Sorting mail endlessly.
This is the first batch ( comments)
I ended up going thr.. It took many days.
( comments)
At night Gerry would teach me backgammon.
( comments)
He would pretty much always win.
So close this time! One single step away! ( comments)
Back to the mail.
I actually found a big chunk of cash and some checks. ( comments)
Another infinitely c..ming for you, Gerry!
( comments)
Gerry's ducks on the property.
I'm pretty sure he hated them being there. ( comments)
Cleaning out his living room,
this is a huge improvement over when I arrived. ( comments)
Things are not looking good
for Ger, I've got a stack of his pieces trapped. ( comments)
I finally win!
And he hasn't even started bearing off yet! Woohoo! I win the dollar! ( comments)
An old bowflex upstairs
is one of the many items that needs to be sold/tossed/donated. ( comments)
Gerry winning money ..k. Rats! So close!
( comments)
The stacks of sorted papers grows.
( comments)
Gerry gifts me his pool cue,
and I ship it to Illinois where the P's have a pool table. ( comments)
Some certificate she.. are being tossed...
( comments) I make winning certs for my family.
( comments)
One of the final piles of paper.
The best find was Gerry actually had a letter from his dad that had been written before he died, and Gerry didn't realize it was there and had never read it. ( comments)
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