Album: 04-10 Grandparents-Justin-and-Indiana

     Album:2021:04-10 Grandparents-Justin-and-Indiana

A big family trip.

The PNW for Charlie's Ps, and a visit with Justin
Illinois for the Ljung Family, particularly to have an April Thanksgiving, to make up for the fact that we couldn't be in Illinois for Thanksgiving in 2020. (Or 2019, thanks to the little man's birth).
Then out to Indiana to see Mike's new farmland palace.

We buy momma M.E.
an Oculus Quest 2 to get exercise [Video, 45M] ( comments)
She finds some dancing games
[Video, 20M] ( comments)
The Ultimus 360 Dismount
[Video, 24.9M] ( comments)
We go see Justin on the way out
(and of course his kittens) ( comments)
Justin's cats are big floofs
( comments)
And they have full the ceiling beams
( comments)
Mount Raineer, always impressive
( comments)
Justin and I Ferry in to Seattle
to drop off his motorcycle for an engine swap ( comments)
We meet Justin's friends
with a beach fire ( comments)
Hiking around Bainbridge,
we find an interesting public garden with a labyrinth ( comments)
Justin's amazing trees.
Though some need clearing ( comments)
A dumb skit involving an dead tree,
but the damn thing fights back. [Video, 42.4M] ( comments)
So we get out a chainsaw for vengeance.
(Though it's a different tree) [Video, 34.4M] ( comments)
Dave murders a tree!
[Video, 23.1M] ( comments)
Beforehand we cut discs off
this downed tree for chainsaw practice. ( comments)
We tried to split this with an axe.
Such utter failure ( comments)
the same way I first drove a car
The plane to Geneva!
( comments)
Ultimus gets a driver's license
[Video, 38.5M] ( comments)
Proper driving technique
( comments)
Grandpa Don
shows him the ropes, ( comments)
A very serious
race driving contender [Video, 32.7M] ( comments)
Ultimus is a full body driver
[Video, 140.7M] ( comments)
But Timmy is mostly interested
in the buttons ( comments)
The Geneva bath sink
with Grandma ( comments)
Breakfast at a cafe
( comments)
The 1-2-3 slide count!
[Video, 35.8M] ( comments)
Then it's time for our April Thanksgiving!
( comments)
Back on the lion scooter
[Video, 35.6M] ( comments)
Timmy tries to get to a park,
but almost blows away in the Illinois winds across the endless plains ( comments)
Incorrect slide usage
( comments)
Incorrect motorcyle usage
( comments)
Teeter totter
[Video, 51.4M] ( comments)
Shaky park death machine
[Video, 33.2M] ( comments)
DJ Ultimus listens to music
[Video, 89.2M] ( comments)
Then we head to Indiana,
where my brother has bought a beautiful palace in the middle of nowhere. ( comments)
Mike surveying the lake he now owns.
( comments)
These are his geese tenants
( comments)
We walk his massive front yard,
Timmy gets a wheelbarrow ride ( comments)
The geese tenants have ducklings,
so Mike is now a grandfather ( comments)
Teaching ducklings to swim
( comments)
I brought my drone,
so I get Mike footage of his property [Video, 45.7M] ( comments)
Going up the front driveway.
We'll skip the video where I fly out over the lake and a long branch catches the props and sends my drone into the water... Oops. [Video, 23.6M] ( comments)
Playing poker
( comments)
Indiana dunes,
and an Indiana Nuclear plant! Out by freezing cold Lake Michigan ( comments)
Family at the house
before heading out ( comments)
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