Album: 12-04 Birthday-Petit-Fours

     Album:2020:12-04 Birthday-Petit-Fours

For my birthday I gave myself the treat of taking the time to finally make a dairy-free version of one of my favorite treats that I hadn't had since childhood. Petit Fours!
this time slightly less frosting
Two layers of cake,
one with frosting and one with raspberry filling (later frosted!) ( comments)
Making the candied white chocolate glaze
that goes over the frosting ( comments)
The layers put together,
frozen and ready for the glaze. ( comments)
Closer to XMas,
I do another batch, ( comments)
The first dips
( comments)
Dipping the squares
( comments)
Dipping the squares
( comments)
..and spinning off the excess.
Is actually really tricky to do, especially without damaging the cake ( comments)
..and then removing ..m from the toothpick
is actually another challenge. They're far more delicate than how I usually cook ( comments)
Some initial petit fours,
now adding sprinkles ( comments)
..and frosting!
( comments)
It's called "presenting"
( comments)
The inside
( comments)
The great tasting
[Video, 22.4M] ( comments)
Batch two (or three?),
the bright pastel collection ( comments)
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