Album: 09-19 Grandparents-and-Justin

     Album:2020:09-19 Grandparents-and-Justin

We head back up to the PNW to see the GPs, and to visit Justin as well, then head to Illinois for the other GPs
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Singing with GramM.E.
[Video, 14.4M] ( comments)
Timmy loves to cook.
Cook-smash! [Video, 26.4M] ( comments)
Timmy discovers Dwight's walker,
but is continuously tickle attacked [Video, 13.9M] ( comments)
Machete Charlie,
helping keep Justin's pathway in his forest clear ( comments)
Charlie gets a machete lesson
[Video, 80.5M] ( comments)
Timmy eats his toys
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Justin warms up to Timmy
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Bainbridge beach
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Hiking w/ Justin and Hanna
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Wide kitty!
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Hanna tries Beat Saber
[Video, 4.1M] ( comments)
The flight to Illino.. snag business class
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Which gives the little man space
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So now he's spoiled to only ride in style
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Conked out
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Hanging with Daddy
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New toys!
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Timmy gets a scooter!
[Video, 17.9M] ( comments)
And a new scooter/walker!
So now we have to get him a scooter when we get home. ( comments)
Timmy pushing the walker
[Video, 5.6M] ( comments)
Learning how to be a power drifter
[Video, 20.1M] ( comments)
Going out to eat with the GPs
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Auntie April
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Swings are delicious.
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And one of his favorite things
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Swinging with gramps
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Swinging with Gramps
[Video, 16.2M] ( comments)
Uncle Mike and cousin Sophie..
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and Stella
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We play "polemic".
One of those games where you guess things about the other players. This was an everyone "Like" situation. ( comments)
But then we play Blind Werewolf,
where we actually need to put the cards on our forehead ( comments)
I explain how it is.
See, if you just listen to me, I'll carry you to victory. ( comments)
And then first class home!
Man, we're spoiling this kid (and ourselves) ( comments)
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