Album: 09-02 Virtual-Burning-Man

     Album:2020:09-02 Virtual-Burning-Man

Burning Man was virtual this year, thanks to Covid. So we did all the things, and most importantly, got Timmy participated as well. There were many virtual environments, and I got involved with much of it, including doing some virtual greeting and "playa info"
Kitty gets involved, too
( comments)
Walking into AltSpace Center Camp,
and wait... what is this?? I modelled our entire camp in the AltSpace burn (starting with the 3D model that I made for the initial design) [Video, 27M] ( comments)
Our little man's *second* burn
(first was in-utero!) ( comments)
Helping navigate
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( comments)
Meeting people virtually
( comments)
Our temple offering...
( comments)
..makes the temple explode.
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Charlie in one of the virtual worlds
that uses a headset ( comments)
Walking around the Build-A-Burn map..
( comments)
..where you can video meet
people "nearby" on the map ( comments)
I use my computer skills
to make a map of the entire "Build A Burn" map so it's easy for Playa Info folks to find their way around. ( comments)
Watching man "burn" [Video, 61.8M]
[Video, 61.8M] ( comments)
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