Album: 02-14 Deceptacon

     Album:2020:02-14 Deceptacon

I go to Deceptacon in Atlanta with Josh, to play nonstop social deception games. It's amazing and exhausting.
multi-team WW.  Not all roles necessarily in the game, IIRC
Banana 7.
I discover their brilliant set of mini-WW games involving only a handful of players, and we stay up all night playing. ( comments)
This was a fairly complicated
and clever ( comments)
The best games were late at night!
(Andrew Mauro taking selfie, David Meredith directly above him) ( comments)
Joining one of the games.
( comments)
Josh and I waiting for the game to start
( comments)
On the flight back I was attacked
by a *real* werewolf! ( comments)
Okay, not quite,
but we became close friends. ( comments)
Wait.. I just got lynched
and I'm not even in this game!? Not fair! ( comments)
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