Album: 08-19 Burning-Man

     Album:2019:08-19 Burning-Man


  • The year of shrinking line-waiting magic:
    • Rode in a plane - divebombing the mountains
    • Jumped in line at head maze
    • Jumped in line during exodus
    • Surprise short line discovery to: Ride up in crane after man burn
  • Running into someone on playa:
    "Hey, you were my greeter in 2011! That was my best greeting ever!"
  • Coincidentally being on the mural
  • Temple burn goes "WHOOMP!"
  • Charlie's Preapproval Fairy (and Smeegor)
  • Short jesus scoot around center camp, accompanied by opera music
  • Mooping an iphone XS (and finding the owner!)
  • Easiest moop cleanup with 90% of camp!
  • Build starting day late still finished early
  • Trailer: mural, deck and climbing wall!
  • Charlie's 10th burnaversary, Timmy's 1st burn!
  • Charlie''s Temple burn pregancy parade
  • Seth rocking the bus load help while Dave was broken
  • Keyhole project (Pegasus) actually was finished.
  • Fine Folly
  • Jana Banana box delivery
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