Album: 07-05 Birthday-Houseboat

     Album:2019:07-05 Birthday-Houseboat

Nabi had a birthday on a houseboat, and it was close to Charlie's birthday, so we brought brother Jesse and Koguma.

Birthday Houseboat!

Brother and sis
( comments)
Beach with drowning tree
( comments)
( comments)
Landed boat
( comments)
Checking out the tree
( comments)
Koguma in the water
( comments)
Kissing my pregnant wife!
( comments)
I convince Koguma,
who is afraid of the water... ( comments) lay on a raft
that he could easily puncture with his claws ( comments)
He loves it.
He's a prince of the waterways ( comments)
Pushing my water prince around
( comments)
Happy boy
( comments)
Charlie and Bear
( comments)
Hiking with bear,
back up a rushing stream ( comments)
To find this,
a massive waterslide ( comments)
Yes fun yes
( comments)
Jesse relaxes while I climb
( comments)
Charlie manages to climb the rope
by almost drowning me... ( comments)
Stellar family
and Timmy's first waterslide! [Video, 64.7M] ( comments)
exhausted ( comments)
He would find a beach spot
to guard ( comments)
The Victor!
( comments)
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