Album: 03-29 Visit-Justin-Hanna

     Album:2019:03-29 Visit-Justin-Hanna

We go up to Bainbridge to visit Justin and Hanna and see their new place!

We also play a horrible practical joke on my parents.

I love this kittenboo
( comments)
Checking out their land
( comments)
Opening up the Unimog
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img 20190330 145701624 hdr
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We go to the beach
( comments)
Hanna at the beach
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Wild animal in the trees
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Justin shows off
one of his trees [Video, 18.1M] ( comments)
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Kitten love!
[Video, 3.4M] ( comments)
Charlie learns how to weld!
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Charlie's first weld
[Video, 48.2M] ( comments)
Captured by kitten
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Justin and I
do some demolition in the Unimog ( comments)
We rip out all of these shelves
to open up area so they can use the Unimog for camping-like things ( comments)
We play an April Fools joke
on my parents, again [Video, 203.4M] ( comments)
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