Album: 03-03 Eugene-Dance-Class

     Album:2019:03-03 Eugene-Dance-Class

We go to Eugene. This trip is notable because:
  1. Charlie teaches a Video For Dancers class at Lane College!
  2. Koguma rides the plane with us!
  3. We didn't know it at the time, but Timmy is conceived!
Handsome Koguma
on the plane! ( comments)
A happy moment
( comments)
By amazing coincidence,
there's a promo setup for the dance program that is using a photo of Charlie from when she was a student ( comments)
Charlie as a student dancer
( comments)
Charlie warms up her class
( comments)
And then movement
( comments)
Running a video lab,
so everyone gets a chance to try it out ( comments)
Capturing movement
( comments)
The dance concert at the end
also showed one of her films. ( comments)
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