Album: 01-10 Parents-Visit

     Album:2019:01-10 Parents-Visit

The parents visit us and see our new home!
We get new trees,
this is a Brachychiton - and we plant it on the right side. ( comments)
Some day it will be big
and strong and cover our garden. ( comments)
We pull out
a bunch of paving stones to prepare for our back wall of Yucca ( comments)
I come up with the idea
of reorganizing the stones to make a wide patio in front of the Yucca ( comments)
Dad digging ditches
to plant the Yucca ( comments)
The Brachy.
( comments)
Working behind the new
Brachychiton, putting inlittle spikeys ( comments)
Setting the trees
( comments)
Charlie working on Yucca
on the left side ( comments)
Starting to sit right
( comments)
Bayview Gothic
( comments)
Since dad is in town...
( comments)
..we take out the Model A
for a ride ( comments)
The parking spot
that I just managed to find nearby. ( comments)
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