Album: 12-23 Truckee XMas

     Album:2018:12-23 Truckee XMas

We take the animals and brother Jesse up to the cabin in Truckee for a XMas snow funtime
The crew
with Stellar family Xmas traditional Cinnamon Rolls ( comments)
Koguma's first snow!
[Video, 19.5M] ( comments)
Koguma's first snow!
[Video, 15.1M] ( comments)
He loves it!
( comments)
He discovers snow-eating
[Video, 23.6M] ( comments)
Yum yum yum snarf!
( comments)
Happy snow dog
( comments)
Our goofus dog
freaked out when we went out for dinner, and ate some of the blinds, which we then struggled all day to find a correct replacement ( comments)
Otherwise happy dog
with toy. ( comments)
And kittenboo.
( comments)
We introduce
Turbo to snow [Video, 41.1M] ( comments)
Cat's first snow.
He's not so sure about it. ( comments)
Taking a snow hike
along the lake ( comments)
With bear in tow
( comments)
Then a stream forest hike,
near one of the ski resorts on a path Jesse knows about ( comments)
Super excited dog running happy time!
[Video, 11.7M] ( comments)
Real woods!
( comments)
( comments)
The forest and stream
(and a hidden crouching Charlie) ( comments)
Shocked by graphic tree sex
( comments)
Eggs benedict!
Minus the pork and minus the milk! ( comments)
We manage to unstuff
the 30' long twisty dryer vent ( comments)
Heading back,
we have one sleepy bear ( comments)
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