Album: 12-07 Death Valley Danny

     Album:2018:12-07 Death Valley Danny

Danny does the Death Valley marathon.

We do not, because we are smarter than that.

But we do meet him in Death Valley for some camping afterwards, and we bring the bear beastie.

Driving through Death Valley
[Video, 65.1M] ( comments)
Danny, Charlie and Dave
( comments)
Charlie posing
as we enter Sidewinder Canyon ( comments)
The first slot canyon
( comments)
Travelling into a cave of death
[Video, 31.8M] ( comments)
Inside the slots
( comments)
Charlie observes
the martian landscape ( comments)
Koguma looking for
climbing assistance ( comments)
Ogre climb!
(actually just on the ground) ( comments)
Charlie and Koguma
near the top ( comments)
Looking back
( comments)
[Video, 35.6M] ( comments)
Charlie at the top (basically)
( comments)
I head down, and it turns
out that this scrambly part is slippery/slidy/slopey dangerous ( comments)
The Valley.
You know. Of Death. ( comments)
( comments)
Team awesome!
( comments)
Heading down the canyon.
( comments)
Dog trust exercises
[Video, 35M] ( comments)
He would come to the edge
of a straight drop that was a good 4 times taller than him, and he would walk down it pushing into my hand. Good boy! [Video, 21.8M] ( comments)
Back in the main canyon
( comments)
More caves
( comments)
Dark cave of death
[Video, 5.6M] ( comments)
We come in and out of light
( comments)
More darkness
and a sliver of death [Video, 6.2M] ( comments)
End of slot canyon one
[Video, 7.5M] ( comments)
And some areas of
total darkness ( comments)
Choices, choices,...
[Video, 13.7M] ( comments)
Low road or high road?
( comments)
Danny climbing through
one of the more blocked areas ( comments)
This rock had fallen
in the way of our path... ( comments)
So I lifted it up.
(Actually the previous photo is from Danny's return a year later where he noticed that the same rock I had "lifted" had collapsed.)Dave lifted this rock (actually this is from Danny's return a year later where he noticed that the rock had collapsed. ( comments)
The original rock,
in it's solo glory ( comments)
Pan near the top
of the slot ( comments)
Everything opens up.
( comments)
Top of slot 3!
[Video, 7.7M] ( comments)
Back by the parking lot
is a small pond bed that is very Black Rock City playa like ( comments)
But bigger chunks!
( comments)
Our hike the next day,
up the most pebbly-damned upslope ever. ( comments)
Petroglyphs! ( comments)
Koguma doesn't know what's holding us back.
( comments)
Women who run with wolves
( comments)
This part Koguma has to wait.
We have to climb up to the right, and it's too dangerous for him to be able to come back down, so we take turns checking out the last 1/4 mile ( comments)
But he wants to climb!
Charlie is already up there, and Koguma hates to have us separated. ( comments)
This was the destination.
Looking down at the end of the path below. ( comments)
Amazing climbable striations,
that I almost get killed on. ( comments)
There's Danny coming down
the other side. ( comments)
I came up the right side, which was
tricky to get back down. ( comments)
Back to the end
of the original trail, where Koguma waits (impatiently) ( comments)
Hiking back down
( comments)
Charlie sunset
( comments)
On top of a ridge,
that was much thinner and steeper than it looks (about 1 foot wide at the top) [Video, 13.8M] ( comments)
Heading back out
( comments)
The open plains,
for the boring part of the hike, back to the parking spot ( comments)
At least the Valley is beautiful
( comments)
Best part of camping.
S'mores! ( comments)
Looking at the valley
as we head out. ( comments)
Charlie and I
hit the dunes on the way out and take some footage for a dance film ( comments)
And I take a moment,
to fall down the dunes [Video, 14.3M] ( comments)
Koguma surprisingly
loves to rumpus in the sand [Video, 23.2M] ( comments)
Not worth it, it’s still not hot enough.  We go to Miracle Hot Springs (after dark, so no photos), and it’s a thousand times better.
Joshua Trees!
I love them! ( comments)
The weather turns sinister
( comments)
We stop at Remington Hot Springs..
( comments)
..and wait a really long time
to get into the tiny hot pool. ( comments)
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