Album: 09-26 Hit and Run

     Album:2018:09-26 Hit and Run

The owner of a massive Mercedes hits my wife at ~45 mph when she's parked and almost kills her. Then runs away from the accident, like a coward and a piece of garbage. I rush home from work to find my wife in the emergency room of the hospital, a nightmare for anyone.

It's clear to us that it's the owner of the car, Laisha Proctor from Antioch, CA, because she witnesses identify her running from the accident which, right afterwards, she reports her car stolen. The police of course do nothing, because the SFPD is useless.

Our little Fiat 500 is destroyed, but amazingly protects my wife because they are amazingly safe for a little car, so we replace it with a 2013 model that the previous owner has decked out with Italian stickers and whatnot, we love it. isha Proctor

Around the corner from the accident.
I figure out this is where the hit and run stopped, while I'm investigating the situation because we can't get any answers or information from the useless SFPD ( comments)
The rear of the car
( comments)
Looking into the body of the wrecked car
( comments)
I pickup the "new" car
and surprise Charlie with it. ( comments)
Charlie and Koguma in the car
( comments)
Parked next to our Camry, "Spanky"
( comments)
Charlie the car model
( comments)
It's decked out with
decals. We decide to modify this one. ( comments)
Because that's better!
1000 Glam! ( comments)
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