Album: 08-09 Parents-50th Anniversary

     Album:2018:08-09 Parents-50th Anniversary
( comments) a fancy-pants restaurant
near the capital ( comments)
The capital.
Always beautiful. ( comments)
Then to appease the parentals
we go kayaking ( comments)
( comments)
Out on the water
( comments)
( comments)
I chill out under the freeway,
waiting for the crew. ( comments)
Finally forward progress
is made ( comments)
Sun bad. No like.
( comments)
Powerboats hanging out in the shallows.
That's a thing, I guess. ( comments)
Improper lifejacket usage
( comments)
Chasing Parker
( comments)
Heading back
( comments)
I succeed in not dying.
( comments)
Kayak crew
( comments)
Dave breaks a paddle.
( comments)
Parker wiped out
( comments)
Dave wiped out.
( comments)
Everyone wiped out.
Kayaking is exhausting. ( comments)
Visiting Sterling Hall
where the Vietnam protest bombing occured while my Ps were in school ( comments)
110 Sunnymeade Lane,
my first home. (well, my parent's apartment when I was born... (well, my dad's apartment, it was illegal for mom to live there unmarried but they did it anyways)) ( comments)
We go to a less fancy pants
but still fancy restaurant. These kind of things didn't even enter my world when I was a student at Madison, and I could survive an entire month off the cost of one dish. ( comments)
( comments)
Delicious - but seriously...
I ate bread and mayonnaise for a month at $1/day, this was about a month of food. ( comments)
And then...
Can we go to Big Mike's afterwards? ( comments)
Last stop,
the Madison zoo! ( comments)
My dad is almost gorilla like.
( comments)
But more of a penguin.
( comments)
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