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     Album:2018:07-12 Herrang

Herrang again. Failed to take photos again. That happens. I tried to do a reboot of the highly successful Prata Fall improv troupe, but due to poor scheduling, it wasn't exactly successful. Bummer. The troupe we brought together was great though - so I felt bad that the scheduling gave us a small turnout.

One of the reasons I didn't get many photos is because I had two jobs - I was working part time while at Herrang, and I was also trying to figure out how to finagle our finances because we had bought the house at Palou! We closed the contract on the flight to Herrang, and so most of my Herrang was spent inside our trailer on the computer and on the phone.

Cast: David Stellar, Charlie Stellar, David Healy, Sharlene Temple Ebony (Praha), Emilija Barteškaitė (LT)
Super weird coincidence,
we had just bought the house at Palou and desperately wanted to be there, and this Beauty Parlour sign with it's colors... ( comments)
Read as "Be At Palou"
from far away. ( comments)
Our flyer
for our improv show. ( comments)
Preparing for show night
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Prata Fall
Herrang Improv show! [Video, 273.1M] ( comments)
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