Album: 06-15 Mendocino Anniversary

     Album:2018:06-15 Mendocino Anniversary

Charlie and I go up to Mendocino for our 2nd anniversary and stay in a cute cabin and do some hikes. And we bring the whole family.
We almost don't get there,
thanks to a fallen tree. ( comments)
But we work as a team
and get it off the road ( comments)
Our handsome Turbo
at our Mendocino cabin ( comments)
There's nature,
and loads of birds ( comments)
And we go hiking around the coast
with our little guy. ( comments)
Charlie out on the rocks
( comments)
The family at the beach
( comments)
It turns out that our dog
is a rabbit ( comments)
Spanky hits 140k miles!
( comments)
We go out
to Glass Beach [Video, 15.5M] ( comments)
Koguma watches the birds
[Video, 22.3M] ( comments)
Koguma is riled up
and becomes a rabbit again! [Video, 17.9M] ( comments)
The animals have a happy rumpus
back at the cabin [Video, 16.6M] ( comments)
We hike out on a new beach
( comments)
We find a cave on the beach.
( comments)
And Koguma goes crazy
and runs in and out of the cave. ( comments)
He calms down for a moment
( comments)
And does a few more runs
[Video, 30.8M] ( comments)
Water dribbling down
the cliffs onto the beach ( comments)
We eat at the cabins,
and they let us draw on the paper tablecloth. ( comments)
My work, inspired by my Queen
( comments)
Happy Charlie
( comments)
Back in the car,
heading home (where, incidentally, I did the "1000 Things" version of "Three Things" and it took about 50 minutes) ( comments)
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