Album: 12-19 Port Angeles Xmas

     Album:2017:12-19 Port Angeles Xmas

And then it's up North for family Christmasy holiday time
There is Jenga,
of course ( comments)
Our triangle Jenga
[Video, 16.7M] ( comments)
Charlie gets aggro
[Video, 7.2M] ( comments)
We drive up into the mountains
to go sledding and venture around. ( comments)
Heading out into the
"closed" wilderness ( comments)
Walking forever
in the beautiful cold ( comments)
An amazing animated crash
from multiple photos ( comments)
img 20171225 162041679
( comments)
A mad sled race
[Video, 6.1M] ( comments)
Jesse beats Dave
in a sled race, where Dave demonstrates the endless joy of failure [Video, 11.4M] ( comments)
We invent
dog mush sledding [Video, 8.1M] ( comments)
Jesse and "Old Blue"
(which was made into a heartfelt Family Channel movie) [Video, 3.2M] ( comments)
Charlie surfs dangerously
[Video, 6.1M] ( comments)
Surf race/contest
[Video, 10.4M] ( comments)
We carve out a slide
[Video, 8.1M] ( comments)
Charlie attempts
[Video, 10.6M] ( comments)
Jesse pegs the landing
for a 10.0 from the Russian judges [Video, 15.1M] ( comments)
Inverse of dog-mush-sledding [Video, 34.1M]
( comments)
Our Jesse-dog goes a bit rogue
[Video, 20.8M] ( comments)
"The Snow Course of Death!"
[Video, 32.7M] ( comments)
vid 20171225 150835997
( comments)
vid 20171225 151020027
( comments)
vid 20171225 153921908
( comments)
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