Album: 11-08 Car Accident

     Album:2017:11-08 Car Accident

This is where I evidently try to murder myself with a car.

Fortunately I, and the car, fail.

Full story at DaveHistory

This is what a cat scan
looks like. Heh. [Video, 1.4M] ( comments)
I have a nasty abrasion
on my forehead.. ( comments)
..and part of my scalp is missing.
Ugh. ( comments)
My brains are falling out
[Video, 7.5M] ( comments)
Okay, so this is
a real cat scan. Or an MRI. I can't remember. But my cat scan was better. ( comments)
My leg is achy
( comments)
Best part,
I get to see inside my soul!!! [Video, 13.3M] ( comments)
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