Album: 07-09 Herrang

     Album:2017:07-09 Herrang
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It's time to clear
out the Husvagn - and much of the pirate gear we've amassed goes into the prop shop. ( comments)
Charlie getting ready for her class
( comments)
Our home,
car and tent - now in the house across from the main field (and no longer beholden to Herrang's ridiculous rules) ( comments)
Our camp area
[Video, 34.7M] ( comments)
In front of the Piratvagn
( comments)
In front of the Piratvagn
( comments)
Charlie running her Booty Hip Hop class
( comments)
..a big hit every year.
( comments)
Charlie's routine.
Hot. [Video, 7.6M] ( comments)
Charlie and Frida
( comments)
Cabaret night,
we decide to run "First Date" (with a squeaking pig as a bell) [photo Roy Wiggins] ( comments)
The "First Date" sketch
via phone recording in the Bar [Video, 55M] ( comments)
Ah, the fun of Herrang
[photo Roy Wiggins] ( comments)
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