Album: 03-23 Retreat of Intention

     Album:2017:03-23 Retreat of Intention

We went on another Retreat - which was lots of funny, and "Arielle" officially became "Charlie" for good!
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Charlie made this stop-motion
with help from a bunch of us [Video, 21.5M] ( comments)
Making sloppy art
with ink and air [Video, 16.9M] ( comments)
Relaxing and enjoying
the plates of desserts (though I couldn't actually eat any) ( comments)
Jordan's puppy was there
( comments)
And he found my lap
( comments)
He wanted dessert as well.
( comments)
Amy and crew
( comments)
Jordan and pup
( comments)
Then Seth brought out
his amazing tea. ( comments)
And made tea for people.
( comments)
Then a ginger beer tasting
( comments)
Which is a win for me
- though they didn't have my favorite, D&G Old Jamaica Ginger Brew ( comments)
mvi 8308
( comments)
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